Friday, August 14, 2015

If you are not near retirement/older now, one day you (hopefully!) will be!

As you know, I studiously avoid politics and inflammatory events here 99% of the time.  But there are issues that I believe so strongly have a need to be shared I set that avoidance aside.  Any strong opinion shared on the internet runs the risk of disagreement and discussion - which I honestly welcome ~ I learn much from listening to others. In the quest to share and shine a light on an issue that is (IMHO) of great import and in the spirit of open, calm discussion, read on!

There is a continually informative, interesting, honest blog I read by a woman Ronni Bennett that is a wealth of information regarding the journey of aging in these United States. She is a serious and factually backed writer with a career background in news production. She is direct about her opinions (something I like, personally) but is clear to note in her postings what is opinion and what is fact.
*There's also a solid bit of fun each Saturday*

I mention all this because I've followed Ms. Bennett and her writings for years and found much to ponder, to be aware of which has led me to contact (and log my opinion with) my congressional representatives. In particular in relation to issues that initially impacted my parents,will impact me eventually and will impact everyone who grows to 'senior age ' in this country.

I am exceedingly concerned, watching the Republican trend towards the elders of this country. Programs that each of them (and each of us have/do pay into for our future) have contributed (involuntarily I must note)  thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars for the time when work was no longer a viable path to pay the bills, heat the rooms, meet the property taxes and perhaps have a pet for company/comfort and a meal out now and then. All of the average means retired Soc Sec/Medicare elders I have ever known or met are not living the high life by any means. 

If you are older the emerging Republican trend alarms you (or IMHO it should). If you are younger it may seem unrelated to you - but consider the truth that it will impact you also (if you love your grandparents and parents) long before you need Soc Sec yourself. If some of these cuts are made you will have to watch your grandparents/parents be worried,be fearful, try to find jobs and perhaps even begin to do without essentials. A horrible prospect as an observer.  And a true financial hardship if you try your best (as you struggle to make ends meet in your life) if you love and worry about them and therefore do what you can to assist them. If you are younger and building a life hat's not something that you should have to do because of harsh Soc Sec (or Medicare) changes.

Some say words such as mine, and those of Ms. Bennett, are reactionary. I disagree. There are many many areas to review for 'savings' (such as removing the soc sec/medicare tax ceiling and various other loopholes). But please don't take anyone's opinion as the truth. Carve out some time to form  your own opinion. Research on your own. Read, and  truly grasp what is at stake prior to the elections which are not far off.

Here is the link to the blog post and some currently declared opinions from Republicans on Soc Sec

     Talk to others younger and older about this issue ~ discuss it as tho it matters ~ because it does.
Like the slowest zebra in the herd when the lions come to call I fear for not only those 
who are now elder but for each and every one of us
Because everyone has someone right now that is older, that 
they care enough about  to worry over and try to help.

They say,  no one gets out alive ~
What they don't say is that almost no one alive escapes without growing old first.

 Thanks for reading and considering my thoughts shared here - you know I appreciate it....