Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Burden Or Benefit?


Burden or benefit
With every step of this
What do I hope to achieve?

Burden or benefit
Sifting the layers back
What should stay, what must leave?

Decades of life I have lived out
Filling spaces
Physical, mental and soul
Each  clinging close to me
How to know which empowers me?
Which harm, limit, damage, extract toll?

I need to be clever, to grow
I'll discard some grievances
I'll release some belongings
While some items and memories I'll keep

Burden or benefit
As I sort and I ponder it
More possessions, guilt, grudges ~ released

Burden or benefit
As I choose and decide thru it
Perhaps it's 'life-sorting' I seek...

Copyright - Issy - June 18 2013


Kim said...

You have, quite eloquently, posed an interesting topic. It is a challenge to sort out either feelings or emotions - what is let go or what to hold on to. (I know, poor grammar ;))
Lately I am realizing that for my personal benefit, I need to let more things go. It's not easy

TheCrankyCrow said...

A positively pensive and inward-provoking post my dear Issy....(not that I expect any less from you....) But I do like that "life-sorting" thing. Of late, it seems even the most routine of tasks - such as deciding whether a given plastic container will gain life as a re-useable or perish as a re-cyclable - seems to involve that "life-sorting" aspect of decision making. At times, it makes me think I am going mad....

Hope all is well with you and the Old Girl.....so sorry I dropped off the edge of the cliff again. I am having a hard time holding on these days.

Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Florida Farm Girl said...

The instinct to grab and hold on is with us as infants, and it is so hard to learn to let go. But, it is necessary at times. Thanks for the reminder.

Bovey Belle said...

Hi Issy, not easy deciding what to hold onto and what to set free. A book shop owner I once met (and who had been stocking thousands of rubbishy books no-one wanted) told me he had built an enormous bonfire and burned most of his stock. He spoke of how liberating it was . . . I thought of burning money!

A beautiful and very thought-provoking poem anyway.