Friday, April 1, 2011

So it begins

In the process of creating this blog two amusing occurrences arose.
First was the realization that today is April 1st, April Fools Day.

Second was that when my first two word verification attempts failed
the third word that presented because of those two failures was kind of quirky & amusing.
My third cyber-generated verification word was:


Which from word shortening so often when texting I  instantly saw as dumbest.  Uh-oh.

So here I am with a new blog created on April Fools Day and a successful word verification of 'dumst'  (aka dumbest). Hmmm.  I hope that's not an omen lol (and if it IS I hope it pertains to the blog and not me) We'll see... Tho both do foreshadow, to greater and lesser degree, some of the tales to be told I'm certain both past/present and future. 

Some of the how it all began of course. The beginning was not pretty, not easy, not chosen yet loved.  Years of journaling about the entire process may one day evolve into something. But here, now, for the world to see, enough history enough to make some sense of it all.......

The future writings I'd love to weave into a fabric of 'the love of old shared'....

So, if you hear the voice of old houses, can't walk by a scrap yard or furniture at the side of the road you may feel at home here.  If you  hear abandoned pieces of furniture calling out to you to save them you'll find you're not alone. (I hear them too).  If you sometimes wonder (and other times KNOW lol) you are insane then we have a great deal in common.

If those unconfirmed/confirmed (moments) of insanity are rooted in (trying to) rehab an old house, repair old furniture, old books, old jewelry, old whatever you're going to think we must know each other somehow. Why?

Because (hopefully) you'll occasionally find yourself nodding, laughing, crying and understanding as you read these words I've decided to write if only for myself because really? who'll read this, lol  document/share.

If you find your way here ~ welcome.

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