Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Trouble With Clever Gadgets

I wish I had a stone (I'd build a wall) a penny (I'd be rich), a pint (I'd be happily drunk - no actually I'd be A DRUNK lol so skip this one!) a board (I'd build a fence) etc for every boldly guaranteed time saving, clever device or product I've tried that, well hasn't (been clever or saved time).  Dang.  Been there done that.   Truly annoying. How 'oft I said aloud 'and who was the idiot who thought THIS would be a good idea' ??!!!
(oh yes, it was me....)

My last venture into clever-land was an extendable handled three prong weeding device. Loved it LOVED it as it could work short for close garden or bed tasks THEN  with a simple turn of the center dial it could extend several feet. Twist the dial again locking it in the extended position  and work the soil/sod/weeds in more out of the way areas which saved mucking up wellies and leaving footprint/crushing plantings! Marvelous! 

Marvelous right up to the moment that (as I was leaning on it for a bit of a breather) the clever center-dial-lock in the device went katy-wompkas and dropped me, my cuppa , my sun hat three feet with the speed of light right on my shocked expression face.  Further maddening was the the discovery it was impossible to repair.  Great gadget joy ~ short lived, lol

The final inventory showed:
rip in my sunhat
coffee in my wellies
bruises hither and thither
broken 'clever and costly' timesaving device

(yet I'm willing to bet it won't be the last  'clever gadget' I bring back to the farm, lol)

How about you? Any favorite gadets (inside or outside)?
Any favorite 'clever gone wayyyyy wrong' stories?!! Hmmmmmm?

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gracie said...

Thank you for the chuckle today! I love my mandolin... but did not like getting a sliced finger...oh wait, it happened because I did not repeat, did not use the safety guard. As Mr H said, that is why they included it!