Tuesday, April 2, 2013


April is one of those months people love or hate lol
I fall in the 'love it' category
For me it's the friday afternoon of a week - or the nite before
an anticipated event or visit....
The fun hasn't yet started but it close!
Oh - so - close
Sad to say April first brought more snow here
but it's promised to be in the 50's by weeks end
so with luck I may see a hint of these little friends
Can't wait
Not much of worth to share otherwise
Working on Etsy shop
Collecting and starting seeds
(I snapped up some packets of peas
that only vine about 18-20 inches so they'll be fun to try)
Planning the Spring/Summer
"Want to do" and 'Must be done" lists
you know that sort of keep busy while waiting sort of thing
How about you?!?
Whatcha up to these early days of
loved (or not lol) APRIL....


TheCrankyCrow said...

Hello My Dear Issy - and happiest of Aprils to you as well!! Yeah, I like April....not say as well as June, but anything that is not January or February generally suits me well. ;o) No spring preparations here yet - we're still buried in that wretched white stuff, and suffering from single-digit temps at night....As I said, Lady Spring always visits Nod reluctantly and slowly.... Hope things are well in your world my friend.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Kim said...

I feel that way about May. Not so much about April. It's hard to find in-between-clothes etc. It's almost like you need minimum 2 outfits per day. Dress warm in the morning, die by noon, change your clothes. Nope, it's official - hate April ;)

thefarmfiles said...

I love April! As a farmer's child, I was taught to never complain about the seasons or the weather...there is beauty and a necessity to each one. I am partial to the Spring, though. I love your flower photo. I can't wait to see what goodies you have in your etsy shop. And your garden!

The Weaver of Grass said...

I love April once it begins to show its true colours but at present here in the UK it is so cold there I hardly dae to put my nose out of the door. Warmer weather is forecast for the weekend - I can't wait.
What have I been doing? I have been busy preparing a talk I am to give on Friday night - all finished now, so that is a weight off my mind.

Bovey Belle said...

Still very cold here with strong Siberian winds! So no seeds started off yet. I love April though - my birthday month and Spring!