Sunday, January 27, 2013

If I Had To Choose

If I named a daughter
If I got a word tattooed
If I had a wish, a cherished thing
That I would want for you

If I could count the value
Of only just one thing
One alone that mattered
Far more than other things

Where there a time
When only one
Emotion could I feel
If I had to winnow down
To one in my souls' kreel
A name, a tatoo, wish or gift
A value point ascribed
A sole and lone emotion
To be my only guide?

It'd take me just one heartbeat
To choose (If you asked me)
The answer to each one's the same.
Is what it'd be .... 
(text copyright Issy aka woman seeking center 1/2013)


gracie said...

Lovely words....

The Weaver of Grass said...

Ah yes - hope - it springs eternal in the human breast as the poet said. I think we all need it to keep us going. Lovely poem and lovely girl's name come to that.