Thursday, November 24, 2011


By popular (and lovely!) request
the barn sale at etsy continues!!!

The old red barn is overflowing
that means I need to add more things to etsy
that means I'd love to find 'new homes' for
the lovlies currently residing at etsy

at Etsy 
*click on the text that reads 'old red barn'
under the etsy images at right
to visit the Big Red Barn Etsy-ness and click on the
BARN SALE tab at the top of sections...

Spread the word, pull on your barn boots
& come visit the big red barn etsy cyber sale!
Various currentlly listed items will be on sale (see barn sale tab on etsy)
Some new items will be added both small and large (see the entire shop)
Some new items will be included in the barn sale (see barn sale tab on etsy)

Oh What Fun!

Smalls, China (plates, cups, saucers)
And whatever more I can have ready...

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