Monday, July 4, 2011

Project: kitch-porch

We refer to it as the kitch-porch because we've never been certain or able to unearth its history.
The floor slopes a bit as tho it once was a back porch to the fields.
It's been windowed in for many years but may have once had only columns.
All hints it was a porch.
But it also has a stove vent access port cut into wall.
Once upon a time it had lino over the floorboards.
It's directly off the kitchen.
Hints it was a summer kitchen.

I suppose the history & story are lost to time.
No matter what it was much TLC and rehab required! lol
The real fun is finding the right pieces of furniture, accessories etc
(can't wait to share those steps & images here with you)!

For now I'll leave you with my
the floorboards image
Yes, a lot of rehab! lol

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