Friday, March 27, 2015

Jon Katz ~ Seeing for Himself ~ West Wind Acres Farm

Jon Katz shares his visit to West Wind Acres Farm

If you have not read any the books written by Jon Katz (sold by his very local bookstore) I would say you should.  If you have never visited his blog, I would say please do.

He is someone I respect. He is open and honest. He suffers no fools yet remains welcoming to the thoughts and words of all who understand (and respect) the line between disagreement and intolerance.

He shares the story of his life, his farm, his animals, the beautiful creations by his artist wife Maria. He shares photographs, snippets of life, the reality of small farm life. His thoughts,images and insights far more often than not ring true in my mind. As a  published writer and past journalist he weaves words, tells stories. He windows the events that speak to him as they unfold.

Above all, he forms his own opinions.  With that said, I would like to share a link to his post that details his recent visit with Joshua Rockwood  at West Wind Acres Farm (with appreciation, thanks and full credit to Mr Katz).

After you've read the linked post about his visit to West Wind spend some time at the other pages of his blog Bedlam Farm. I'm betting you won't be disappointed, in fact I suspect you'll return to visit his words again (and again).